recovery lifestyle apparel inspired by the twelve steps


a life well-lived one day at a time • a fully integrated, balanced and sustainable lifestyle • an ever increasing recognition of our humanity and dependence on a higher power • taking the next right action even when we don't feel like it • doing the hard work of facing our demons within a community of fellowship and support • self-care and taking care of ourselves • connection, honesty, perseverance & service • realizing that our solution has become the problem • replacing ineffective, harmful coping methods with better ones • finally accepting responsibility for our choices and bravely facing their consequences...

Recovery is all of this and more. How do you define it?



It is so tempting to think you are the only struggling, the only one who is broken, the only one who can't stop doing whatever it is you want to stop doing, the only one who can't get your life together. But that's a lie. Don't fall for it. You are not alone.

Everyone struggles with something. Trauma and addiction are everywhere. All of us have been hurt at some point, many of us have been hurt often, a lot of us have been hurt severely. Unfortunately, hurt people hurt people.

Our brains and bodies are practically hardwired for addiction. Anything that produces any type of emotional, mental, psychological or physical reward can become a coping method, then a habit, then an addiction. The list is practically endless, but here are a few: food, sugar, alcohol, nicotine, caffein, adrenaline, gambling, sex/lust/porn, gaming, prescription medication, narcotics, etc.

Trauma and addiction are two sides of the same coin. Trauma often leads to addiction, and addiction inevitably leaves trauma in its wake.

If you are struggling, you are in good company. Welcome to the human race. There are people all around you who will understand and support you. Its time to tell someone what you are terrified to admit to anyone. Tell your story to someone and then keep telling it until you find a community of people who've been there, who understand you, and who can help you find recovery.

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Break the Silence. End the Stigma. Inspire Hope.

Our clothing inspires hope and encourages recovery. Every time we wear the FENIX logo, we send the message that it is okay to face addiction and trauma, and that recovery is possible and wonderful.

Build Community. Create Connection.

Encourage Others. Promote Recovery.


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Ringer Tees

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