Every time you wear the FENIX logo, you share the truth that it's okay to face addiction and trauma, and that recovery is possible and wonderful.

Build Community. Create Connection.

Together we can change the world. Welcome to our community of addiction and trauma recovery advocates. Thank you for being part of the movement to end the stigma of addiction and trauma, and share the hope and joy of recovery!

Encourage Others. Promote Recovery.

Every purchase supports real recovery. 1/3 of our profit is used to share the hope of recovery and to help individuals and families recover from addiction and trauma.

Solid Metal Recovery Medallions

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One Day At A Time

Retro-style Ringer Tees

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It Works If You Work It

Worn-out look Distressed Tees

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Victory Through Surrender


realizing that our solution has become the problem • replacing harmful coping methods with healthy ones • doing the hard work of facing our demons within a community of fellowship and support • taking the next right action even when we don't feel like it • connection, honesty, perseverance & service • accepting responsibility for our choices and bravely facing their consequences • an ever-increasing recognition of our humanity and dependence on a higher power • a life well-lived one day at a time ... and so much more.

Women's Slouchy Tees

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Women's Racerback Tanks "Hope" Racerback Tank - Black

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Women's Distressed Tees

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