Determination and Surrender

We Human Beings are unique from the members of the animal Kingdom. For as long as we have roamed and eventually settled the earth, we have made tremendous strides against the odds, nature, weather, wild animals, other humans, sickness, and disease. We have advanced technology, culture, science, art, and medicine.

No other creature has come close to what we humans have accomplished.

So, what is the difference that sets us apart from our earliest ancestors, from the wild things in this world? What sets us apart from all other organisms? 

Of course, we know our brain evolved over time to become the largest, and the most powerful. But what characteristics does our mind have that allowed our reasoning and capacity for learning and planning to blossom as much as it did? If you could distill the reason for the success of our species down to one biological characteristic, the one thing that fueled the human story would likely be determination.


Determination has taken humans to the moon, to overcome the impossible, to fight wars, to create peace, and to struggle for success at all costs. We are part of a family that begged, borrowed, and stole, to become the most powerful entity in the known universe for the simple reason that we changed our future by influencing our environments. Winning through determination has largely made us who we are. And because determination served us so well as a means of advancement, it was hardwired into our minds as a way of fighting, wrangling, and improving. In short, determination is the secret to our success and it is the number one piece of software we use for survival. It feeds our wants, and needs. 

However, we humans don’t win every war, and there are always those things that are stronger than we are when we act alone. Physical and mental addictions are in many cases more than we can handle by ourselves, even with fierce determination. 

Addiction is a powerful force of destruction that has the ability to level our lives, our ability to function, and to destroy our families and marriages. 


The power to win this battle is not present in any of us. This isn’t a physical problem we can fix by staying late, working faster, or willing it to happen.To win the battle against this foe, we must recognize that no amount of willpower or determination will give us victory--addiction is stronger than any of us. However, once we realize that addiction is more powerful than we are, we have a real chance at victory. 

When we finally admit our addictions have control of our life, we’ll be on the path to recovery. It is when we admit that we need help that we will begin to receive it. We can ask for help through a prayer to our higher power, or we can call a friend or visit a local addiction recovery group. We must understand that we can’t do this alone, but only with the help of our higher power and with the help of others who have fought this battle before us. 

The use of a 12 step addiction recovery program is a proven way to become sober and recover from addiction.