Is long term sobriety possible? Six habits to form now!

After beginning your journey through recovery you might wonder how sustainable it is to stay sober. Is long term sobriety a possibility for you? You might think that a relapse is in the future. Are there ways to steer clear of a relapse and keep yourself sober? As we’ve been over in previous posts, there are a lot of factors that contribute to addiction. Many of those same factors are the same ones that make long term sobriety difficult. Here are six tips to help keep you on the path to lifelong sobriety! 

  • Join a recovery group!
  • Continuing to keep the option open of going to a support group is very important! Whether this is a 12 step style organization or another addiction recovery support group, these groups are great for helping you stay sober. These groups come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. These groups help keep you accountable as well as give you opportunities to communicate about any problems you are running into that might lead to potential relapse. For more info on what to expect from these groups, visit our previous post titled “What can I expect from joining a 12 step program?”

  • Avoid your triggers!
  • Triggers could be anything. They could be physical objects, places, people, or even just specific feelings. These triggers can cause intense cravings or thoughts that can often lead to relapse. The trigger leads to you believing that you need this substance to cope with the feelings and emotions you are experiencing. Knowing what your triggers are and how to avoid them is a big step!

  • Try prayer or meditation!
  • Now long term sobriety doesn’t have to be tied to spirituality. However finding the time to yourself in the day to meditate or pray can be extremely helpful. The internal calmness and peace that can come from it is very helpful with slowing down giving yourself time for rational thought. A daily practice of prayer can give you strength through your personal higher power. 

  • Find a new hobby!
  • We’ve probably all heard of others finding strength in sobriety through exercise or sports. A simple behavior such as daily exercise can really help keep your brain and body occupied. Wanting to stay healthy can be a huge motivator for continuing towards lifelong sobriety. You could also pick up a musical instrument or volunteer at your support group! For more info on what other activities you can do in recovery and sobriety, check out our previous post titled “What activities can I do in recovery?”

  • Give support back to others!
  • Finding a way to give back to those that are in the recovery process can be a big motivator. With others looking up to you for guidance and help with their sobriety, it would be difficult letting them down if you relapsed. Consider volunteering or sponsoring in the group that helped you with recovery. Finding others that benefit from your recovery story is one of the best feelings!

  • Keep it honest!
  • This one might seem like a no brainer. Making sure that you do not give yourself an option to be dishonest is a big deal. If you are rigorously honest with yourself and others, you will find a new sense of accountability to your sobriety. It is impossible to have lifelong sobriety without being honest to yourself about your feelings and actions. 

    These tips will help you stay sober in so many ways. Successful lifelong sobriety comes in different forms for different people. Use these steps to make your own plan to stay on the path towards a healthier, happier, and addiction free life!