Samuel Demarais

Samuel Demarais

Samuel Demarais

Today is the 2nd anniversary of my alcohol free life. My last drink was March 28th, 2019 and I’ve been sober since then.

It’s fascinating how many people proposed to me one drink 🍸, just one drink. There is always a special occasion🥂. Each time I had to justify why I quit and how long I was planning to hold. It was challenging since I was not even sure why I did it 🤔

After 2 years, I am clearer about it 🏆

Drinking was holding me back from reaching my full potential.

💪 In my new alcohol-free life 💪
- I have more energy
- I think faster and better
- I build stronger relationships
- And I started to give back to help people to thrive.

There was no magic pill 💊. Quitting alcohol was the result of a long practice of controlling better myself through the practice of daily routines

I am not preaching for an alcohol free life but my door is always open for those who want to talk about it

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