Introduction to FENIX WEAR

Hey, this is Dave. I'm a recovering addict.

In this video--which is my first ever--I introduce myself and Fenix Wear.

FENIX WEAR is an addiction recovery lifestyle brand. Our goal is to reduce the stigma of addiction and to promote recovery through apparel and charitable giving.

We believe that what we wear impacts not only ourselves, but those around us. Our clothing sends messages to ourselves and to others about what we care about and how we view the world.

So, if done right, clothing can help build a community that is united in support of addiction recovery. We believe that the designs and imagery and text on our clothing is subtle enough that it can be worn pretty much anywhere, but that those who "get it" will "get it". 

For those who don't "get it" initially, we hope that some of them will be inspired to ask questions, giving us the chance to engage in potentially life-changing conversations as we talk--to the level we are comfortable doing so--about the brand, what it stands for, and our own understanding and experience with addiction and recovery.

I hope you enjoy the video, and that you join our movement to share the joy of living a lifestyle of recovery.