Our mission is to promote addiction recovery and to end the stigma of addiction. We do this in two ways: by building community and inspiring each other through the clothing we wear, and by financially support individuals and organizations in the addiction recovery community.

Inspiring Apparel

Your clothing makes a statement about what you value and care about.

Yours can help end the stigma of addiction, build awareness of its scope and impact, show support for those who struggle, promote recovery as a meaningful and satisfying lifestyle, and start life-changing conversations.

We believe that as an addiction recovery lifestyle brand we can make the greatest impact through the clothing we create and share with the world because our brand communicates the fundamental messages that:

  • those who struggle with addiction are not bad people trying to become better, but sick people trying to get well;
  • addiction affects every one of us in one way or another and cannot be defeated in isolation—we need to connect with and support each other; and
  • living in recovery from addiction is a satisfying, joyful, and meaningful lifestyle.

As our community grows, so will the strength and hope of the message we share.

Charitable Giving

We are not in this battle alone; there are people and organizations everywhere that are working relentlessly to combat addiction, and to help those who struggle and to support their families.

We stand in solidarity with these dedicated people and organizations. As part of commitment to do our part, we dedicate 20% of our after-tax net profit to supporting individual treatment scholarships, addiction recovery programs and awareness initiatives.

A portion of these funds are donated to non-profits and other charities and programs that promote addiction recovery. The remainder is spent on educational and marketing programs that seek to build awareness of addiction in our communities, educate about the true nature of addiction, and reduce the stigma and shame addiction carries.