Hi, I'm Dave, and I'm a recovering addict.

The idea for Fenix Wear came to me while sitting in my 12-step home group meeting. I was finally starting to get the concept of "surrender" and was making progress in my recovery. 

In coming to understand “surrender,” I realized I now had an effective method for recovering from my addiction. Previously, I only knew how to “white-nuckle” it or give in. Neither was a satisfactory option.

For me, “surrender” means admitting to myself and my higher power—often with the help of another person—that I am powerless against my addiction, and, instead of fighting or resisting, turning it over to my higher power and allowing him to deal with it for me.

It actually works! How amazing and wonderful! I no longer have to "white-nuckle" or give in. I can simply surrender the battle to my higher power and move on. 

When I finally started to understand “surrender” and experienced it working in my life, I realized that victory over my addiction really would come to me as I continued surrendering everything—my addiction, my weaknesses, and my life—to my higher power.

Thus the slogan "victory through surrender" was born, and the seed for Fenix Wear was planted.

I found the 12-steps and my home group at a critical time in my life. They saved my life and family. They gave me a new opportunity for life—a better life.

So, my hope for Fenix Wear is to encourage others to travel the path of recovery by (1) sharing my love for recovery and the 12-steps, (2) reducing the stigma of addiction, and (3) building community.

I believe that the clothing we wear has an impact on us and on those around us. Clothing can remind us of our aspirations, hopes and values. It can share those ideals with others, and can create a shared sense of community and purpose.

The pain and sorrow we have experienced, and the harm we have caused, does not have to be the end of the story. It can be turned to good, and can give us a new, better and meaningful life. We can be reborn, and our shared experience can united us all in a common purpose with empathy and understanding for each other.

I hope you join me in this journey. And, I look forward to traveling the path of recovery with you.

~David J